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Time to Paint

Have you ever made a choice, taken a job, or picked a major, and looked back and thought, "why did I do that?" In the last year, there were a few choices I made when my gut was telling me no. But that gut instinct was silenced by the draw of "good opportunities," "good pay," or the excitement and affirmation of those around me...

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Inspired By | March 2017

These boards have been so beneficial in continuing to discover my own style and what I find interesting. I can see a significant change in the confidence I have in my own eye and style. I am constantly trying to create as true to myself as I possibly can, and watching what I'm drawn to has helped define my own style even more than I thought it would! 

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Inspired By | January 2017

My sweet friend Rachel of Joy Monet Photography, told me she had made mood boards for every month last year. I loved the idea, and decided to copy her ;) 

But really, I think it is such a wonderful, no pressure way to catalogue the things you find beautiful. Often times when I have felt creatively dry I've looked at the board and found renewed excitement to create. It's also interesting to see a pattern of what colors, textures or type catch your eye...

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