Deeply Gathering w/ Jillian Edwards

Whew! It has been a long time since I've tended to my website & blog! I've missed it! I took time off this summer to soak up all that is pregnancy & also hard core nest ;), aka do a tonnnn of home updating. I'll be posting a little life update soon!

I did have one event this summer however! And it was with the best people <3

Myself,  Jillian Edwards, The Deeply Co, Allison of West of Felicity, & Gretchen of Sunkissed Blooms teamed up to host an evening concert & a flower workshop here in Lexington, KY. The theme of the evening was Roses & Rose, so you'll see lots of roses, & lots of rose ;).

I had the pleasure of creating artwork to be displayed in the event space (Daily Offerings Coffee Roastery ), as well as the backdrop where Jillian would perform.


To be honest, that backdrop was a pretty last minute problem that needed to be solved. Normally you don't mention these kinds of things... but since this is a blog about art I think it's fun to talk about the unexpected creative moments. The original plan for the backdrop fell short last minute so I got to brainstorm how to make something beautiful, on the cheap, quickly, non damaging to the walls, and ideally with supplies I already had. I had a roll of paper... and I had paint! Thus this pastel, paper, layered situation was born!


My favorite way to both experience and think about creativity is problem solving. Using what's at your disposal & making it more than the sum of it's parts. Sure in my perfect world I would have thrown together something just a little bit more elaborate, but it makes me happy seeing what I was able to put together at the last minute! Many thanks to Allison climbing ladders and hanging the peices and not making my pregnant self teeter up to high <3.


I created 5 botanical ink studies to display. I'm so glad I decided to go with black & white ink as my medium. It created a nice break in the room full of pinks & pastels! The ink was also non-toxic, so preggy approved!


It's so much fun to look back and see so many smiling faces enjoy the night. If you haven't been exposed to Jillian's music... well, I could brag on her voice, her accomplishments, etc. for a long long time. I'll encourage you to head to spotify and discover her more!

Thank you to everyone who came, and all the wonderful women who helped make the night possible.

PARTNERS: The Deeply Co. & Jillian Edwards - music | Allison Murray of West of Felicity - event planning & design | Sunkissed Blooms - florals & workshop | Daily Offerings Coffee Roastery - venue | Leah Michelle Photography   - photography

xo, Mel

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