Collaboration | Album Artwork for Tony Anderson Music

Back in September, I had the honor of painting some artwork for a single that Tony wrote for his wife, Brooke. How sweet is that?! Tony is an incredibly talented film composer, or as he says it "sonic architect". 

Just about any time I get to collaborate with other creatives I jump at the chance! When the partnership is right it produces really amazing results.

The original cover art for the single 'Butterflies' is pictured below, and most recently he released a 3 part 'Snowfall Remix' that I have been playing non-stop! 


I worked on both paintings back in the fall and Tony and his team transformed both compositions into two really unique and beautiful cover stories.


So thankful for the opportunity to work with such talented people. 

You can listen above, or on Spotify, Music Bed, and Apple Music. I think you will love them!

xo, Mel

Melody McMunnComment