Inspired By | January 2018

It's been a while since I've shared my current inspirations with you guys! The end of 2017 was busy as I got through the holiday rush. But January was calmer, and I was able to step back, take some time with myself & the Lord and really start dreaming & planning for 2018. More on that later, but for now... I'll share with you some things that are really inspiring me lately!


Overall, I've been so inspired by the winter light. When we get that occasional sunny winter day, I appreciate the sun so much more! I love the way the light reflects off the snow and into my studio. Warm whites, soft blues, pale greens, tan & golden yellows have been my consistent on my palette as of late. 

1. Art in unexpected places. Over the bookshelf has been one of my favorites as of late. It's so elegant and unique!

Via Apartment Therapy

2. Makenna Alyse McReynolds. She's been one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram for a few years now. She's the cutest, and has the best style! Modest, modern and effortless.

Via her Instagram.

3. Allison Murray. Blogger & my best friend for almost 10 years! She has been planning an amazing event that I'll get to share about at the end of the month. I've been so inspired by her work ethic, the ways she's been shooting for the stars, & really pushing herself outside of her comfort zone. She also got baptized recently!! Woo!!

Via her Instagram

4. Painting on Textiles. I've been loving this for some time now, but especially this month I am crazy about it! I love painting on anything that will take it. And it's extra fun to get to wear the finished product!

Via my 30 Days of Play.

5. Large Frames, Little art. I created my Winter series around this idea. I think it makes a really impactful look. It's also a way to fill up that blank wall but not add too much color or texture, thanks to all of the white space in the large mat.

6. English Cottage Garden. I've been nervously planning the garden I'm going to begin this Spring. I am a total garden beginner apart from planting some herbs last year, so I really don't know what to expect as far as my green thumb goes. I have high hopes though! I've been looking up different plants, and learning about their needs. I want to create a lush, natural looking landscape - aparentely that's called an English Cottage garden ;). I hope to fill it with white, blue, purple, and pink flowers. Wish me luck!!

Via Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam

7. 90's Fashion. I guess I've officially lived long enough to have the fashion from the decade I was born resurface. And I love it!! I'm itching for Spring, and can't wait to wear updated versions of my mom's old 90's duds ;)

Via Fashion Gone Rouge

Hope you have a wonderful week!

xo, Mel


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