Inspired By | NY Fashion Week Spring 2018

One of the most consistent ways I absorb inspiration is through fashion. I have loved fashion design since I was a little girl, it's actually how I started drawing! I have old sketch books filled with designs -- which are of course hilarious to look at now. But it was an important part of my creative development and something I still absolutely love!

I keep tabs on the way trends are developing in color, texture, & lines, and look for the ways they are translating throughout both interiors & the fashion industry. While I would never say my work is driven by trends -- I defnitely steal inspiration! To me, the concept of a trend is simply a fresh take on something classic or old that has caught the eye of many admirers. I love to infuse the unexpected in my work so when a certain "fresh-take" on a color, or sillouhette catches my eye -- I'm likely to end up using it!

New York Fashion Week just ended, so I gathered some of my favorite street fashion moments in the last week to show you some of the ways I'm finding inspiration.





Now pastels are no surprise for spring -- but the pastels I've been seeing are so vibrant and saturated!  Sometimes toeing the line between pastel & neon. I LOVE it. As you can from the fashion week images above, they are also commonly being worn almost head to toe.

via  Pantone  

via Pantone 


Primary Colors

Primary colors are everywhere! Worn head to toe, in shade variations, as a pop of color with pastels, or paired with other primaries. I'm loving all 4 color swatches below!

via  Pantone  

via Pantone 



This season you can expect to see head to toe whites, and I think the camel/sand color below will be everywhere! I'm already seeing it a ton in home design via natural textures like baskets and leather. I like seeing the colors we talked about above paired with all neutral looks. For example: the Pantone "color of the year" ultra violet is a fun pop with the all white trench look up above!

via  Pantone  

via Pantone 



I'm excited to see the ways these colors will translate in my work -- as well as my wardrobe. Happy (almost) spring!


xo, Mel

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