Inspired By | 4 Painters I've Been Loving Lately

I love to follow fellow artists on Instagram. I've been inspired by each of the 4 below in some way, and would love to have a piece of each of their art on my walls ASAP.

I hope you guys fall in love with these ladies and enjoy following along with them as much as I have!

Margaret Eleanor Maloney

Based in Raleigh, NC

Also known by Meg, I am lucky enough to actually know this talented gal! And in my opinion, art is always better when you actually get to know the person behind the brush! Meg's brush strokes seem so unexpected to me. I love when she posts close ups of her work because the detail is really amazing. I've shown Meg's work to so many of my friends and her animal paintings are always a hit! 

Follow Meg @margaloney



Brynn W. Casey

My friend & fellow artist Mallory Meisner introduced me to Brynn's work. And I've been falling in love ever since! Brynn is a coastal artist, I can't wait to have one of her pieces in my home. Her paintings evoke so much emotion, and really make you stop and stare.

Follow Brynn


Lindsey Meyer

Based in Dallas, TX.

I have only recently begun following Lindsey, but I am in love with her use of color! Her paintings feel instinctual, playful, and joyous to me.

Follow her @lindseymeyerart


Hannah Joiner

Based in Alpharetta, GA.

My friend Janelle introduced me to Hannah's work and blog a few months ago. You'll love following her for not just her amazing moody paintings, but also for her honest and refreshing blog. Oh and she's got a cute baby ;)



Let me know who you love! I love finding new artist friends!

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