Inspired By | April 2017

I began this post about a month ago... and my intention was to hit publish before I left for Europe for a few weeks. But alas, that didn't happen and here we are today! April was a wonderful rainy month here in Kentucky and I was so excited gearing up for my travels abroad. I love these mood boards, maybe the most looking back! They feel so peaceful and restful to me. Something I've really been seeking in my own life and art form. 

1. This shot reminds me of an old film. The colors and grain are stunning! Credit: Anaise

2. I haven't painted with that palette, but I should! Credit: Amateur Couture

3. Rest! So important. The zzz's remind me of a sleepy spring day :) Credit: Unknown

4. Anticipating diving in to the sea in Cinque Terre! I think the image evokes a very present feeling. Credit: Her Paperweight

5. She looks Italian, and beautiful! Can you tell I'm excited? Credit: Unknown

1. I have always loved this line drawing. Credit: Unknown

2. Joy! Credit: Sessún

3. I love the structure and playfulness of her outfit, as well as the beautiful blue backdrop. Credit: Unknown

4. These stitches are works of art! They remind me so much of the clouds at sunset. So beautiful! Credit: Stephanie K. Clark via The Jealous Curator


I hope you are having a wonderful and beautiful day!