Inspired By | February 2017

February was a very full month for us! But one that made it so easy to feel inspired and motivated. Mostly thanks to the amazing people around us!

We got to go to Winter Park, CO to ski and snow board with my husband, Keith's work, Awesome Inc. And visit our family in Pittsburgh, Pa.

It's been an amazing season of abundance and blessing, and I may go into it all later. But in all.. our cups are full and we are sooo so thankful.  

Now on to the visual inspiration! 

Ive found myself being drawn to bright, bold, shapes and colors; or neutrals. Specifically white on white. I love the way tones and shadows bring depth and interest without changing the color family.


1. This poster is so fun! It feels like a fresh take on the 90's to me. I love the mix of colors! Credit: Bodil Jane

2. Love the contrast of the minimal lines with the bold body. Credit: Unknown

3. "There is nothing in nature that blooms all year long.. so don't expect yourself to do so either."  I'm not sure if that is a factual statement or not.. but dang. I know it's true for me. Credit: Freelance Wisdom

4. Dallas Shaw has been one of my favorite Illustrators since I got an Instagram. I specifically love where she chose to show detail, and the colors in her hair. Credit: Dallas Shaw

5. Minimal lines <3 always. Credit: Lauren Wang

6. Monochromatic pink. I love the way it makes her skin and shoes pop! Credit: The Lab Magazine 2013: NYKHOR IN BLOOM 

1. I love the way the structured jacket balances out an otherwise soft and romantic photo. Credit: Vouge Australia - Frederikke Sofie by Patrick Demarchelier

2. White on white!!! Shadow and texture are so wonderful here. Credit: The Right Angle Tumblr

3. Studio goals once again. And the charcoal drawings. Credit: Abundance Tumblr

4. Another great example of monochromatic art brought to life by texture. Credit: Anthony Pearson via Marianne Boesky Gallery

5. I'm upset I can't find the credit for this one! I've seen it floating around the web for some time, and it's always caught my eye. Credit: Unknown

6. I just thought this was a really original compilation. Creative use of lines and shapes. Credit: Serene Oasis


I am SO EXCITED about March. The light comes earlier, and spring seems to be making an early appearance. Which means my garden, and everyone else's are starting to bloom! Inspirations about to be everywhere. Keep your eyes open :)