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As you've likely seen, my most recent series release was a small capsule of Smaller Original Works on Paper. Now when I say small, think 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, and even 8x10.

I absolutely LOVED creating this series. I gave myself a ton of freedom in color scheme and overall composition. Before I started, I knew I wanted to create pieces that though they were small, they would make a big impact on a wall. I purposely painted the paper edge to edge so they would look great in any type of frame.

I find that framing is generally pretty intimidating for people, so I hope this blog makes narrows things down a bit for you, and points you towards some great resources!


Stylistic thoughts

For this series, my pick would be acrylic or glass float frames, but a classic frame with a mat would look beautiful as well! The acrylic frames makes artwork really stand out, and provide an uncluttered an elevated look.

When you buy a smaller peice of art your options in framing are much wider, and often more cost effective. I would reommend the two options below:


- Frame according to size. Keep things small!

ex: Place a 6"x6" in a 6"x6" frame, or use an 8"x8" frame to leave a border around your art. 


- Play with proportions. Use a frame at least triple the size of your art!

This is my favorite option for float or all glass frames. However, you can also do this by playing with the frame and mat size. 

ex. For a 6"x6" peice of art, use an 18"x18" glass or float frame.

ex. For a 6"x6" peice of art, use an 18"x18" frame with a 6"x6" mat opening.


My Favorite Framing resources

Michaels or Hobby Lobby

You'll find discounted/competetitive pricing. 40% off coupons are always available on their site, and they often run deals on custom framing or the frames they already carry in store.

Local Framers

Wherever you live, local framing is always a great option! Support small business! I linked a local to Lexington KY gallery named South Hill Gallery that I've heard nothing but rave reviews about!


Custom framing online & by mail! You'll simply mail in your Original Artwork via the prepaid packaging they will send you. Ship it, and they will mail it back to you in the high quality frame(s) of your choice. agic!


Unique framing options! I love their glass frames, as i photographed above, and linked below! You can also find some options in store.


Affordable, quick, and easy. Have your frame shipped to your local store, reserve for local pick up, or just swing by if your frame is in stock!

Other Resources

- This Apartment Therapy article with examples of beautiful acrylic frames.

- This amazing DIY from A Beautiful Mess on making your own float frame!


xo, Melody Joy

Acrylic Float Frames

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