Gallery Showing Party | Melody Joy with Krft Goods


Hello, friends! I'm so excited to invite you out this coming Tuesday, 10/10 to check out some of my latest work. This series is called "Pieces" and it focuses on a neutral palette while exploring more geometric shapes & intuitively created textures. 

I'm extra excited because my friends from Krft Goods will also be there with their INCREDIBLE wood lath art. So join us at The Livery Tuesday, 10/10, to celebrate art, creativity, and community!


I'm so excited to show you this series. I'm really proud of it. I created these out of a very specific season of life with the Lord, and I felt so much joy and freedom in my brush strokes. As always, it was a labor of love. 

Their pieces will remain on display in the Livery and will be for sale through my website as part of the larger series release.

Cannot wait to see you!!

For more information & to RSVP, check out the Facebook Event.


Melody Joy

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