Our Engagement Photos | Every Day

Some special moments taken by Nina and Wes from our season of engagement.

We treasure these images as we now live together in the home they were taken. It really is such a special keep sake for us. Because of these we are able to remember the days of dating and living separately a little better. We learned a lot in this house as singles. The friendship of Keith's roommates, and the way the house looked before a females moved in ;)

Nina and Wes really set the scene for us to just be. Be who we are together when no one is looking. They put on some music and we lived as we do. They captured Keith's love of coffee and reading, and my love for creating and snuggling  ;). Keith has been my biggest fan, encourager, and business partner. Really, my business began because of him. Early business decisions were made around that little bachelor pad table. And more importantly, we said I love you on that couch. This home already holds a library of memories, and we are so happy that it now hold some married ones :)

Why roller blading and duck feeding? It was our first date!