Melody Joy & Grainwell | A Calligraphy Workshop

It has been a long standing dream of mine to teach a workshop. The art of teaching & sharing is something I value immensely. And calligraphy is something I truly love. 

I have been using my pointed pen for about 5 years now, however I only stepped in to the massive chasm that is professional artist & calligrapher less than a year ago. Naturally, I assumed that would be a dream that would wait to manifest for a few more years.

So when the girls at Grainwell reached out to me about hosting a Calligraphy Workshop, I squealed and jumped at the chance.. and then was quickly terrified that I would fail horribly and everyone would hate my teaching ;) 

I am so happy to say, that the workshop was an absolute joy to be a part of. I'm so grateful for the things that push us out of that box of comfort; so hilariously shaking our perception of what we are qualified for, and push confidence in to the things that we are truly capable of.

Did I mention that they have the coolest space ever in downtown Covington, Kentucky?

The Grainwell girls laser cut the attendees names that I calligraphed before the class. A unique keepsake, and seat marker!

I cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed this day. I was inspired by the creativity, skill, and business savvy of the 3 sisters at Grainwell, and was overjoyed to be given the opportunity to teach others an art I so love.

So many thanks to my film ninja bestie, Ashley McKinney of Shining Light Photography.

Photographer: Shining Light Photography/ Event Space: Grainwell