Melody Joy is a fine artist who; inspired by nature, travel, & relationships; creates emotive abstract paintings for the intentionally curated space.


why do I paint?


For you.

May a piece of mine stand as a marker in your home of peace, beauty, a reminder of your story, or whatever you may need. May it be more than aesthetically pleasing. Let it speak of you and what you hold dear.


For your space.

"your home may be the closest to heaven some people ever get on this earth"

Whether it's your home, client's home, or business. We have the power to create  beautiful, and inviting spaces where we can foster some of the most beautiful moments in life. 


For me.

Most simply, I love it! And I can't help but create. I also believe it is a part of what I was made to do. 



Martha Stewart Weddings | Style Me Pretty | Wedding Chicks | The White Wren | Zola | Southern Weddings | Kentucky Bride | Baubles and Bowties



Born in Lafayette, Louisiana in October of 1990; I don't remember a time without paint, pastels, or colored pencils. My most memorable Christmas gifts were art supply kits, and my clearest memories involve painting at our kitchen table or my Little Tikes art easle. 

The Lord has used art to push past my perfectionism, comparison, and every crippling fear in between. 

So here I am, in year 2.5 of business, chasing after this dream of mine. Hoping my gifts can help make the world a better, more beautiful place.



Melody Joy resides in Lexington, Kentucky with her husband Keith. Painting out of her in-home studio, and taking frequent coffee dates with friends.

She is passionate about pushing past fear to pursue your dreams. Jesus Christ, and healthy relationships.

inspired by

sounds of nature, travel, walking through a city, experiencing a different culture, connecting with others, audiobooks, music, conversation, the sky.

image by: Nina And Wes


the brush strokes